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DayDateTimeServiceDeparts from
Sunday26 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornMay be diesel-hauled subject to fire risk
Saturday1 November5:30 PMTwilight ExplorerQuorn
Saturday8 November5:30 PMTwilight ExplorerQuorn
Saturday15 November5:30 PMTwilight ExplorerQuorn
Saturday22 November5:30 PMTwilight ExplorerQuorn
Saturday29 November5:30 PMTwilight ExplorerQuorn


DayDateTimeServiceDeparts from
Sunday8 March10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday14 March5:30 PMTwilight ExplorerQuorn
Sunday22 March10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday28 March5:30 PMTwilight ExplorerQuorn
Saturday4 April10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday5 April10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Monday6 April10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday11 April10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday12 April10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Tuesday14 April10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Thursday16 April10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday18 April10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday19 April10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Tuesday21 April10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Thursday23 April10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday25 April2:30 PMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornAnzac Day Special
Sunday26 April10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday2 May10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday10 May10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornMother's Day Special
Saturday16 May10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday24 May10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday30 May10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Saturday6 June10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort AugustaDouble Header Special WF to Quorn. Return Service 3.00 PM from Quorn
Saturday6 June10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornDouble Header Special on Return Leg
Sunday7 June10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Monday8 June10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Sunday14 June10:30 AMBarwell BullQuornQuorn Races Weekend
Saturday20 June10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday28 June10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday4 July10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday5 July10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Tuesday7 July10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Thursday9 July10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday11 July10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday12 July10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Tuesday14 July10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Thursday16 July10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday18 July10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday19 July10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Sunday26 July10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday1 August10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday9 August10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday15 August10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday23 August10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornQuorn Show Special
Saturday29 August10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Saturday5 September10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday6 September10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornFather's Day Special
Sunday13 September10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday19 September10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Saturday26 September10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday27 September10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Tuesday29 September10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Thursday1 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday3 October10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort AugustaDouble Header Special WF to Quorn. Return Service 3.00 PM from Quorn
Saturday3 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornDouble Header Special on Return Leg
Sunday4 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Sunday4 October2:30 PMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornKid's Special
Monday5 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Tuesday6 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Thursday8 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday10 October10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday11 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday17 October10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday25 October10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday31 October10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday1 November10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday7 November5:30 PMTwilight ExplorerQuorn
Sunday15 November10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday21 November5:30 PMTwilight ExplorerQuorn
Sunday29 November10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn


Afghan Express

Adult return$79.00
Concession return$73.00
Child (4+) return$26.00
Family return (2 adults, 2 children)$183.00
Adult one-way$52.00
Concession one-way$49.00
Child (4+) one-way$19.00
Family one-way (2 adults, 2 children)$122.00

Pichi Richi Explorer

Adult return$47.00
Concession return$44.00
Child (4+) return$16.00
Family return (2 adults, 2 children)$110.00

Barwell Bull

Adult return$47.00
Concession return$44.00
Child (4+) return$16.00
Family return (2 adults, 2 children)$110.00

Flinders Flyer

Adult return$47.00
Concession return$44.00
Child (4+) return$16.00
Family return (2 adults, 2 children)$110.00

Stirling North Shuttle

Adult return$15.00
Concession return$12.00
Child (4+) return$8.00
Family return (2 adults, 2 children)$45.00

A discount of 10% off the combined total fare applies for group bookings of 15 or more paying passengers travelling on the Pichi Richi Explorer, Afghan Express, Twilight Explorer, Barwell Bull and Flinders Flyer services.

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