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DayDateTimeServiceDeparts from
Sunday24 August10:30 AMFlinders FlyerPort Augusta
Sunday31 August10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday6 September10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Saturday13 September10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Sunday14 September10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday20 September10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Saturday27 September10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday28 September10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Tuesday30 September10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Wednesday1 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Thursday2 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday4 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornDouble heads from Woolshed Flat to Quorn. Arrives Quorn 1.30pm.
Saturday4 October10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort AugustaDouble heads from Woolshed Flat to Quorn. Arrives Pt Aug 4.40pm.
Sunday5 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Sunday5 October2:30 PMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornTeddy Bears’ Picnic
Monday6 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Tuesday7 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Wednesday8 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Thursday9 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuorn
Saturday11 October10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday12 October10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday18 October10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort Augusta
Sunday19 October10:30 AMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday25 October10:30 AMAfghan ExpressPort AugustaSteam from Port Augusta to Quorn, diesel from Quorn to Port Augusta.
Sunday26 October10:30 AMPichi Richi ExplorerQuornMay be diesel-hauled subject to fire risk
Saturday1 November5:30 PMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday8 November5:30 PMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday15 November5:30 PMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday22 November5:30 PMBarwell BullQuorn
Saturday29 November5:30 PMBarwell BullQuorn